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Shrimp Frog
Shrimp Frog (Salrana cancrivora)
Distribution: Philippines, Northern Borneo, Taiwan and the East of the Malayan peninsula.
Frogs were successful nearly everywhere in the Holocene - usually in Swamps and rivers, but also in Savannas and Deserts. But there was one habitat they usually couldn't live in - saltwater. Only one species was able to tolerate it for a short time, the crab-eating frog (Fejervarya cancrivora). After the Holocene, the descendants of this species became more  specialized, and they settled in new areas - they are distributed at nearly every coast of the Old World, from the Marshlands of Doggerland to the Islands of Polynesia. Recently, a few species even settled the New World. They reach their greatest diversity in Southeast Asia and Australia - an area with huge mangrove forests and estuaries.
A conservative member of the family is the Shrimp Frog(Salrana cancrivora), of the Philippines and the near regions. It i
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Yakwawiak (Arctotyrannus yakwawiak)
Many large species of herbivores dwell the prairies and woodlands of North America. Among them are the cursorial Peccabucks, the large Allocephalid boars, as well as large deers and the tyrannus huge Giant Porcupines and Trunkboars. Large Carnivores are represented here mainly by canids, like Moqwaio, and Felids, like the Greater Saber-toothed Panther. But even these fearsome predators usually avoid the confrontation with many of these Giants, and if they don't do, they only attack in large Groups. But one predator practically specialized in hunting these giants - the Yakwawiak(Arctotyrannus yakwawiak).This Apex-Predator isn’t a canid, felid or mustelid, but a member of a group, which is nearly archaic in the Novacene - the Bears(Ursidae).
This group was once distributed nearly worldwide - from South Africa and Patagonia to Scandinavia and Greenland. At the end of the Holocene most Bears were extinct - killed off by Humans and anthropogenic pre
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The :iconpolycene: epoch is a time of unique animals. Among them is the possibly strangest mammal to ever walk (or, to be more precise, to swim) on earth.

The up to 7m long Starnose is distributed in nearly every Ocean of the world, only in the very deepest and coldest regions, as well as the Atlantic “Desert” (a region where over hundreds of qkm no Island can be found) they don't live.

The Starnose is no descendant of any Holocene aquatic mammal (whales, dolphins, seals & Sea Cows - all of which are extinct), but of a rather tiny animal - the Star Nosed Mole.

Like in its distant ancestor, the most interesting feature of this animal are the fleshy “tentacles” around the mouth. In these outgrowths, more than 100,000 Eimer's Organs sit - in the large, central tentacle even 200,000!

It uses these “tentacles” to swim through and find prey in their habitat - the ocean.

Males of this species dive in depths of 300-500m, sometimes even 1000m, where they search their prey - squids, fish and molluscs.

Females find their prey in lesser depths - between 150 and 300m.
Last night [this night? I dunno] I had a dream, about my future world.
In it, they were various Persons:
-me (duh)
- :iconanonymousllama428: (dunno why always you sry :p)
- Jeremy Wade
- Some biology professor, or something similar.

It played in the vast swamp/river/sea-region in Northwestern Europe (what is today Netherlands, northern Germany, Southen England etc.).
In this dream we met various animals (I will draw one of them soon ;)), amobg them:
- a Bearbadger that snuffed on me, and preyed on a fish that was directly under our boat.
- An huge stork - dunno what happendd exactly.
- A very large Crocodilepike (prolly as long as our boat) that swam directly below our boat, and preyed on a small deer [or something like that] on the shore.

Damn, didn't sounded as epic as it was :p
Is one of you well versed in Geology / Geography and would like to help me for my Future Project?
Does one of you has Google Hangouts and would like to chat with me?
Another one...

Tagged by :iconpcawesomeness:


Nobody cares about the rules anyway…


1: What do you think about a few geneticists' plans to clone a woolly mammoth?

If the mammoth doesn´t suffers – sure, why not?

2: What was your best speculative theory yet?

In what way? I will edit it when I understand the question lol

3: What are your thoughts on our future?

The future of the mankind? Bad.

4: When do you think Saurian will come out?


5: What is the capital of Assyria?


6: What is the terminal velocity of an unladen swallow?


7: Do you think Star Wars is getting unoriginal?

Kinda? Don´t know enough about Canon tbh.

8: On a scale of 1 to Nature Valley bar, how much is your life falling apart?

East African rift.

9: What are your thoughts on dolphins?

They´re awesome. River Dolphins and Porpoises tho.

10: Are you in a Facebook group?


11: If so, how sad is it?

I know one that is cringe worthy.

12: What do you think of Saturday Night Live?

Seems nice.

13: Do you like snip snap doggos or woof bork ones?

The latter?


 Mah questions:

1. What is your favourite animal created by me? :p

2. Are you a Lovecraft fan?

3. Nyarlathotep or Cthulhu?

4. What is your favourite philosophical quote?

5. Where do you want to live?

6. What are your five favourite bands?

7. What is your favourite era of Star wars Story telling?

8. Are you a LotR/Hobbit/Silmarillion fan?

9. Clinton, Trump or Cthulhu?

10. Do you like Zoos?

11. Books or movies?

12. What do you guess is my favourite fictive Universes?

13. Is mayonnaise an instrument?



I don´t tag :iconanonymousllama428:

But I tag: :iconpcawesomeness: :iconthedubstepaddict: :iconsnugglesthedinosaur: :iconinkgink: :iconzimices:


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