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Does anyone knows the sea level and the spread of the Ice Sheets during the Miocene climate optimum? Tagging a few people who might know it: :iconpcawesomeness: :iconanonymousllama428: :iconzimices: :iconcenozoicking: :iconjagroar:
For the :iconpolycene:

The Deerpig is a medium sized suid (up to 80kg in weight) that is distributed in the temperate forests of Europe and Western Asia.
Goliath Trevally
The End-Holocene extinction event lead to the collapse of many ecosystem. Especially the marine ones were hit heavy - so were the Coral Reefs destroyed, together with the extinction of their eponymous builders. High Sea ecosystems were hit extremely hard as well, Plankton suffered heavy through the quick Climate Changing and the man-made pollution of the Seas. Many large species died out, from the Great White shark and Groupers, to Orcas and Sea Lions. But some smaller, more hardy species survived, as Algae recovered in a short timespan, and together with it the Zooplankton. Most species of the Sea are descendants of these smaller species, but some descended from large fish of the Holocene epoch, and later onwards other species replaced the Corals as reefbuilders. Among them are many descendants of the Jacks and scads (Carangidae), represented by various species - from medium-sized reef predators, too large, swift-moving species of the Open Ocean, and even species that live in the Deep Sea. The success of them is owed to the hardiness of their ancestors - they lived all across the tropical and subtropical waters, from Mangrove Forests and reefs, to Offshore Islands and deep habitats, some even could be found in Freshwater habitats.
A rather conservative, but terrifying species is the Goliath Trevally (Deinocaranx violens). This species is a huge fish, and one of the very largest members of it´s family. Specimens with lengths easily over 2m aren't uncommon, and they can reach maximal lengths of over 3m, while weighing 350kg. It has a deep, moderately compressed body, and a powerful tail fluke. Their head is large and bony, and in their mouth sharp teeth sit. This species has big eyes, and one of the best sight of all fish species. Their lateral organ is also developed very well. Also, they are extremely intelligent fishes, capable of learning quickly.
Young fishes have a rather silverish coloration, until they reach a length of 70cm, when their coloration becomes skyblue. With the time, the blue becomes darker, and old specimen are nearly black.
The Goliath Trevally is distributed in the Tropical and Subtropical waters of the New World - mainly in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, but also the bahama Banks, the Coast of Northeastern South America, and the shallow waters near the Western Coast of Central America, and the Coast of Eastern North America. To the north, they are distributed to the Coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. Rather young populations live around various archipelagos of the Atlantic, like the Azores and the Elysian Archipelago; as well as the Galapagos islands in the Pacific.
In their range they can be found in a variety of Shallow-Water habitats, though they are good swimmers, perfectly capable of crossing hundreds of Kilometer of Open Sea. On this way, they reached even Islands that are far offshore. Usually, these species can be found in reefs, but also in Open Regions of Mangrove Forests, waters with rocky grounds, and even Estuaries of Large Rivers.
Young Individuals usually live between Mangrove Roots, and the denser regions of reefs, but they can also be found in Coast near Rivers, especially on islands. So are the young Goliath Trevallies the Apex-Predators of many rivers of the Bahamas.
But while the young's are Apex-Predators of small Island rivers, the Adult Trevallies dominate the Ecosystem of the New World reefs. They prey on a variety of animals, like crabs, small fish and Octopuses. Adult Individuals usually hunt larger prey, like large fish, Seabirds, Sea Turtles, and even young Caimans, and Dolphins. They have also been observed preying on two meter long Sharks. some Individuals, living in mangrove Reefs, are seemingly specialized in hunting birds, surface animals. They lurk in shoals between the roots, waiting for a heron or similar bird to show itself (often while catching its own prey), and then dash instantly to them, and kill them with a single stroke. Other Individuals, often among sandy banks, have been seen to jump several meters out of the water, to precisely catch a low-flying bird.
These fish are usually solitary, but while hunting prey they sometimes build a community of purpose.
If it feels threatened, the Trevally shows it full might to the opponent (be it a shark, a other fish or even a conspecific). If that isn't of use, they rush to their opponent and either bite them, or ram their powerful head into them. But while most predators don't want to mess with these dangerous fish, for a few species the Trevally is only a possible meal. Among them are some of the larger Ghariam species, casual visitors of the reefs, and also the huge Poseidon shark, which uses the reefs as hatchery.
The Goliath Trevally reaches Sexual Maturity at a length of 1,3m, and a age of five to six years.
The particularly life Cycle of this species is momentarily under observation, but it is assumed that it is similar to those of its Holocene Ancestors of the genus Caranx.
Another one...

Tagged by :iconpcawesomeness:


Nobody cares about the rules anyway…


1: What do you think about a few geneticists' plans to clone a woolly mammoth?

If the mammoth doesn´t suffers – sure, why not?

2: What was your best speculative theory yet?

In what way? I will edit it when I understand the question lol

3: What are your thoughts on our future?

The future of the mankind? Bad.

4: When do you think Saurian will come out?


5: What is the capital of Assyria?


6: What is the terminal velocity of an unladen swallow?


7: Do you think Star Wars is getting unoriginal?

Kinda? Don´t know enough about Canon tbh.

8: On a scale of 1 to Nature Valley bar, how much is your life falling apart?

East African rift.

9: What are your thoughts on dolphins?

They´re awesome. River Dolphins and Porpoises tho.

10: Are you in a Facebook group?


11: If so, how sad is it?

I know one that is cringe worthy.

12: What do you think of Saturday Night Live?

Seems nice.

13: Do you like snip snap doggos or woof bork ones?

The latter?


 Mah questions:

1. What is your favourite animal created by me? :p

2. Are you a Lovecraft fan?

3. Nyarlathotep or Cthulhu?

4. What is your favourite philosophical quote?

5. Where do you want to live?

6. What are your five favourite bands?

7. What is your favourite era of Star wars Story telling?

8. Are you a LotR/Hobbit/Silmarillion fan?

9. Clinton, Trump or Cthulhu?

10. Do you like Zoos?

11. Books or movies?

12. What do you guess is my favourite fictive Universes?

13. Is mayonnaise an instrument?



I don´t tag :iconanonymousllama428:

But I tag: :iconpcawesomeness: :iconthedubstepaddict: :iconsnugglesthedinosaur: :iconinkgink: :iconzimices:


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